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Thread: Compiler?

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    Default Compiler?

    How do you compile Java code?

    What program do you need? and how do you use it :-S? Sorry I just started Java... and I haven't been able to find anything that helps me :(... I check google too :(.

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    Be overly patient for a few days, google for Sun Microsystems and work on it a half a day or something.

    A compiler is a computer program that makes computer programs.
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
    Cybercartography: A new theoretical construct proposed by D.R. Fraser Taylor

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    You'll want to down load the JDK (java development Kit) from the Sun site, and also the doc for it. The doc tells how to use all the utilities that are included in the JDK. One of the programs included in the JDK is the compiler: javac.

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