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    Default Just started with Java

    The aim is to execute a simple .jar file
    To me beginner: rather complicated!
    I have the executable .jar file, but does not seem to execute on its own
    (I mean (meanly) by doubly clicking)
    Following the formal instructions, I executed from the cmd window
    (java -jar) but some .dlls cannot be found. Finally, I altered the
    system variable PATH. So what's next to this very trivial step?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Copy the Full text of the error messages and paste them here.
    The command you enter should be: java -jar <jarfilename>.jar
    I assume that you have a java runtime program (java.exe) installed on your PC.

    The missing dlls might mean that the program in the jar is trying to use some special programs that are NOT part of java. You'll have to contact the creater of the jar file to find out about that.

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