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    Default Core Java Vs. J2EE

    Hello all, I have a question for the Java developers of the world. I'm not technical myself I'm actually a technical recruiter but I figured I should turn to the experts to get this answered as my research hasn't really provided me a definitive answer thus far.

    One of the biggest things I see from my clients particularly within the Financial Services space is a lean towards "core Java" over J2EE developers. Now I understand the definitions of the three versions J2SE, J2EE and J2ME and I understand the differences. My knowledge of what my clients mean when they say Core Java is that they are looking for people who have developed mult-threaded, socket level applications. Now is this possible to do within a J2EE package? If so what indicators should I look for to point out if a developer is doing the work I'm looking for? I've been successful recruiting for this space but this still remains a mystery to me so I wanted to get some responses from the actual development community. I appreciate your guidance everyone.


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    "Core Java" is, essentially JSE, and since JEE (there are no 2's anymore) won't run without the JSE, I must say yes.

    Wanting expertise in "Core Java" simply means actually being able to program effectively in Java. If the developer is able to do web and/or enterprise development effectively using JEE, he can certainly program "Core Java". (S)He may not like taking that "step back", but do it, (s)he definately should be able to do.

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