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    Default Question about OO in other languages

    How would you implement the concept of class and method in a
    non-object-oriented programming language such as COBOL, Pascal or C?

    This is taken from one book but i cant find answer for that? Book name is OO programming and Java:confused:

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    Technically, you can't. At least if you consider some basic OO ideas, like overloading and message passing.

    However, in reality, OO is just syntactic sugar. Its a coding convention to force specific ideas, specifically encapsulation and dynamic dispatching. And you can implement them in any language, or at least any language based on Von Neumann designs.

    I once wrote a recursive descent parser in Cobol, and Cobol doesn't have recursion.

    If you want a C-like language with OO, look at Objective C, C++, C#, or Java.

    Pascal is dead. It was designed as a limited language for teaching CS 101.

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