Hi all,
i have a special task.
I want to create a database frontend which is connected to a MySQL database.
My users should make several decisions before they enter or edit data.
My problem is that i have five related tables which i have to implement in the frontend. The first selection is the order number. In the application window there is a table where all the orders are listed. The user has to select one order there. The next step is a JList where all the line-id's are shown which are related to the selected order and the user has to select one of them. This part was simple. I changed the netbeans template for database applications to have a table and a list item. But now i am facing my problem. In the next step there has to be another list field where all isometrics are shown which are related to the selected line-id. How can i fill a JList with relation to the selection of another JList?