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    Default Status bar in a JFrame

    Hi All,
    I have a created a java Application, there i want to use Status bar which will change its text on mouse over.I know how to create it in JApplet.but i am not able to implement that in JFrame.
    Here i use JLabel as a Status bar.but it doesn't looks good.Apart from this i also want to add System time on that status bar on the right hand side.

    Please help..
    Thanks & Regards
    Subroto Bhattacharjee:)

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    Thumbs up Status bar in a JFrame

    hi smartsubroto!!

    ya, i hav also got the same dought. after deep research, i realised that in swing, there is no specifically statusbar. neither class nor method.

    i solved this problem to use the below code. its really looks like statusbar.

    click the below link :

    Status Bar Demo : Status Bar**Swing Components**Java

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