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    Default [SOLVED] Textfield

    Hi, just a quick question on something that is buggin me (and i have searched google and the forums but cant find anything).
    I am creating a calculator in netbeans, i have used the GUI part to create the design and i am currently writing the code for the buttons. My issue is that i cant remember nor find the code to add characters to a textfield without deleting what is already in there.
    If someone can give me the code or direct me to a place where i could find it i would be most appreciative :)


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    One way would be to get what's there now, concat the new values to it and put it back. Read the API doc for the correct methods.

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    thx after a good 10 mins that seems to work :)
    Didn't know you could do that :)

    the code i have for each button is as follows
    Java Code:
    private void btnOneActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {                                       
    // if/else statement to allow me to join the numbers without adding them 'concatenate'
    if (screenNo == 0)
        screenNo = 1;
    } else
        concatNo = txtScreen.getText().concat("1");
        screenNo = Float.parseFloat(concatNo);

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