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    Default How to start a Peer 2 Peer application

    I want to start a peer to peer application. I found so far JXTA, Apache River and Jini ( which is part of Apache River now, right ??? ).

    I think the most comprehensive solution is JXTA network.

    Any opinions about which is the best way to start my application ?

    The application is simple chat rooms with simple board games ( chess, backgammon etc ).

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    Default Re: How to start a Peer 2 Peer application

    Did you do any research into peer to peer networking at all? How the theory behind it works? What possible problems are and how those are solved? That kind of thing?

    If you understand the problem domain you should be able to pick your own tools. If you don't want to make that investment, well then you can only just try stuff and hope for the best.
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