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    Default Regarding UDP Datagram packets

    Hi all,

    I am sending image over network using UDP datagram packet.

    It will work fine data of 65kb length, but when i try to send data of more then 65kb it will through socketException.

    To resolve this i have 2 solutions

    1. To fragment data which is more the 65 kb into pieces of 65 kb.

    Ex : If data is 135 kb i will send it as 3 packets of lengths 65 kb, 65 kb and 5 kb.

    Issue 1 : If i use this solution i dont know how to reassemble packets at the receiver side.

    2.Another solution to use jumbograms (ipv6).

    Issue 2 : I dont how to use jumbograms in java, if any one of u know this please help.

    if there any solutions other then above please suggest.


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    One of the disadvantages of UDP is that packets can come in any order. For this reason your UDP packet has to contain information on what order it should be reassembled in. One way to handle this may be to have the first X bytes of the packet contain this information.

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