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    Default listening socket in a new thread

    I have min-chat and that is part of client code:
    Java Code:
        	final ObjectInputStream in = new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
            final ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream());
                // Создаем поток для чтения с клавиатуры.
                BufferedReader keyboard = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
                Thread t = new Thread(
                		new Thread()
                			public void run()
                				while(! socket.isClosed())
                        line = in.readUTF(); // In this part socket input data can be delayed and it can be not printed to console immediately
    The reason why i have wrote particular thread is that program needs to listen servers socket and perform actions without delays in client code.
    So, why should i make Object streams final ?
    PS Feel free to offer another way to communicate with server data to print it to console immediately

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    Default Re: listening socket in a new thread

    Because the thread will make a thread local copy of the reference and it NEEDS to make sure that those definitions WILL NOT CHANGE.

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