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    Default my windows domain is not auto-updating java for windows

    I have just started a new job in the IT department of a company with ~300 employees / workstations. I have inherited the responsibility of supporting a network and domain that I did not design, implement or document. Of course, the documentation is all written inside the head of the previous lead IT guy.

    Here is my first major issue that I have to tackle. Since version 7 update 11 of Java was released, our windows machines no longer automatically run java updates, which means any time one of our hundred accountants tries to use online banking, they need one of our techs to manually install the java updates for them. This is becoming a flashpoint for our executives who don't have time to stop and let us tinker.

    Because I was not working here yet when v7 update11 was released on 2013-01-13, I can't really pin down what other software releases may have impacted the auto update, IE 10 for example had versions released in November 2012, and February 2013, was it an update in the middle somewhere that is causing this? Or is my princess in another castle?

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