Hi guys,

I just need someone to point me in the correct direction. I have designed a programme in java (well multiple ones) and I am currently researching how best I can put the programme onto a web server (which I would pay a monthly fee for) so that it would run continuously. I additionally understand there would be changes to the programme. I want to be able to communicate with the web server to change and modify the programme obviously. Additionally I want the programme to then send information to clients over the internet.

Currently I have been looking at using Eclipse WTP and running it through Apache Tomcat to get it server side (currently just playing with localhost). I would then use MySQL to store the information that my programme creates.

Am I going along the correct path, or have I made a huge mistake? I do apologise for my ignorance in networking, I am working as magnetics engineer and I have never touched computer systems (except programming simple languages) before.