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    Default reading HTML on website


    I am currently writing a program that reads information in from certain websites.

    I have looked at two ways of doing this: (1) Using Jsoup and (2) using URLconnection.

    When I access a particular website, the URLconnection can parse the HTML fine (its just slower), whereas Jsoup seems to come up with 403 forbidden errors on particular websites (however, it works perfectly fine with websites such as etc).

    There are no errors in the code, so I'm not looking for a fix currently. I am just wondering why Jsoup will get a forbidden connection with particular websites whereas the allows access to the exact same site without being forbidden?


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    Default Re: reading HTML on website

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    Default Re: reading HTML on website

    Your question is a good example of a reason to write your own code. You know exactly what it is doing. Frameworks are fine, as long as you use them for their intended purpose. Sounds like you are getting outside theirs.
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