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    Default How to get URL from network machine

    Hi all

    i am facing problem at very long time....Plz Help me

    I just want to trace those machine(in a LAN network of college/office) who r trying to access the web sites. I want to palce this s/w in to the server and through this s/w admin can watch all the machine .

    i want to do this on java.Plz give me example or source code plzzzz

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    You've come to the wrong place for getting quality software products for free. Here, we are a community that exists for the love Java and for the desire to assist others in their Java pursuits. I urge you to find a suitable product elsewhere or find a freelancing site to pay for one. Otherwise, if you wish to code this up in Java yourself, go for it and we would be happy to assist to you.

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