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    Default Client-Client Connection

    I have an application that allows users to connect to each other, and naturally it works fine on local machines, but when it comes to connecting to machines outside my network that won't work. So, what I'm thinking about doing is setting up a remote server that will contain the a mapping of unique ids to an ip:port address. Then when a client wishes to be a server it sends a request to that server asking for a unique id, then any clients requesting info from that id will get the right address from a request to that server. I'm not sure if this will work... not sure if I even explained the idea correctly. But any suggestions or advice with it?

    Also, 1337th thread in this section :D
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    Default Re: Client-Client Connection

    easier way is to use a tunneling system like tunngle or hamachi for direct connections because for internet communication you need to portforward the socketports and with hamachi or tunngle you get a virtal ip to do this very easy

    so you can use your programm, and only type your new virtual ip and connect

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