Hello everybody,

I am developing an application that uses java sockets between a server and client apps. I need to send files of size 64k from client to server through these sockets. When I locally run all the system (both, server and client) everything goes ok, but when I run the server and client in different machines it fails.

I am using JSON to process the file content, so the thrown exception in server is: "net.sf.json.util.JSONTokener.syntaxError". However the problem is not JSON, is the size of the file. When I send files with a size lesser than 8k everything goes ok, but bigger sizes truncates the sent information, so it throws a JSONTokener.syntaxError when server tries to interpret truncated received information.

I am defining a socket buffer of 64k as following (I am using NIO API):

SocketChannel sc;
private static final int BUFFER _SIZE = (int)Math.pow(2, 16);
sc.socket().setReceiveBufferSize( BUFFER_SIZE );
sc.socket().setSendBufferSize( BUFFER_SIZE );

What do I need to do to enlarge the network package size when I run my system in a remote mode? Do you have any idea which is the problem?
Thank you very much in advance.