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    Default How to get a SSH tunnel for a socket

    Hi, I developed an app that connects to an IRC room using a socket (, 6667), but apparently that port is blocked in my college and it's too late to propose a new project since it's due the next week, and I already finished the program.

    Someone told me that I can "bypass" the connection to the socket using an SSH tunnel, I found a SSH proxy that could help me, but I have no idea about how to implement that on my program, I tried to google it but it gives me a lot of information that just confuses me since I don't have a lot of knowledge in that area...

    I tried using some classes that came with MindTerm applet, that was as easy as this:

    SSHSocketFactory fact = new SSHSocketFactory("", 22, new SSHPasswordAuthenticator("freessh", "7QO5dkmg<"));

    socket = fact.createSocket("", 6667);

    The problem is that those libraries don't support SSHv2 and it gives me an error saying that version of SSH isn't supported...

    I tried a newer version but it's completly different and I have no idea how to do that same process since they have no docummentation....

    Can you guys help me with another library, tip, or something that can help me get through this problem?
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    Default Re: How to get a SSH tunnel for a socket

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