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    Default Barcode Reader on Web Based Application

    Hi Friends,

    I have web application which store the item name. I should able to scan barcode on client machine and should be to display item name and its details.How can i read a client port on web application
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    Default Re: Barcode Reader on Web Based Application

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    Default Re: Barcode Reader on Web Based Application

    A barcode scanner is just a tool for converting a barcode into some form of data. For instance if you working with a store checkout program it will help you to convert the barcode of a product into a human-readable product code so that the staff doesn't have to input it manually. When the data is read by the scanner it will be inputted just like it was typed by the staff it self.

    So you don't really need to touch anything related to the client's computer port in this context of web application. It is the responsible of the barcode scanner driver installed at the client machine to do this.
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    Default Re: Barcode Reader on Web Based Application

    It is better to generate barcodes as images in your web application and scan the barcode image on client side. Otherwise, you may need install barcode font on the client machine. Try this Java Code39 generator

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