I have a java program on PC#1 doing external video motion detection and writing clips of activity to disk. It also updates an index file on the disk which is "shared" through Windows XP on the home network.
PC#2 runs a java program which accesses the shared file (index) on PC#1 every few seconds looking for changes so it can display the last few video clips on another monitor (aka TV). The polling needs to be quite short (2 or 3 seconds) as the images must be visible from PC#2 in a short time frame.
The type of activity outside the house which triggers the VMD is infrequent so PC#2's polling seems extremely inefficient. I would like to change it so that PC#1 informs PC#2 when there is an update instead of PC#2 constantly looking for changes. I would let PC#2 go into a low power idle loop (or even hibernate if wake-up works with Wi-Fi) waiting on an event to be sent from PC#1.
FYI PC#2 is an ASUS B202 with on-board Wi-Fi.
Any ideas on the best way of achieving this?