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    Default Coding an FTP server in java

    Hi, im new to Java and am in the beginning stages of socket programming. I am trying to build a simple file transfer protocol that can support the reliable transfer of files of at least 1 mb in size. I can set up a client and server connection to send strings back in forth but I'm not for sure how to code it to where I can actually pull files off my computer to send to the server. Is there anyone who could give me an example of how to actually send real files and not just strings? Would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

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    to send a file ...

    server side=
    create InputStream to the file to send
    read in bytes to byte array
    send byte array

    client side=
    create file
    create outputstream to that file
    write the bytes from byte array that you received to that file

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    If you are going to write an FTP server I would recommend starting with reading the RFC 959 which describes the protocol itself.

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    Do you mean implement the FTP as specified in the RFCs? Or just a file protocol?

    Do you need to handle big endian and little endian transfers? Machine that don't use 8 bit bytes?

    To do it in general is fairly difficult, getting through firewalls, etc. But for an assignment, you can simplify the requirements.

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