Hey everyone,

Alright, so I have a client/server application. The client is an Android app that I developed, and it sends mouse coordinates to the server application using wifi.

Everything works great, and as expected when the server is ran on OS X, however, when the same code is ran on Windows there is major lag in the mouse movements. I have tried using a profiler to help me determine what may be the cause, however, I really can't spot anything off.

There is a lot of object creations for char[] and String, so I don't know if this would be the cause. The CPU usage on the machines stays pretty low so I don't believe the bottleneck to be in the computation involved in parsing the incoming network string to get the mouse commands.

You can take a look at the server code if anyone is interested: [Java] package com.larocheent.photomouseserver; import java.awt.EventQueue; impor - Pastebin.com

Has anyone ever experienced such problems? Does anyone have any recommendations on things to try to improve this?

Thanks in advance to your responses.