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    Default UDP server / client file transfer

    i need to create a sever nd a client in java, which i managed to do, problem is that now i need to be able to send a file from server to client, which needs to be sent line by line. basically implementing a simple stop and wait protocol. any idea how to do this pls ?

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    Default Re: UDP server / client file transfer

    If you are sending the lines separately and want to be sure that they all arrive and are kept in order, define a protocol that includes a header record that would include the line number of the line being sent. You might have the server ask for the lines by number in its request for a line.

    Server: Give me line 1
    Client: Here is line 1 .... line 1's data ...
    Server: Give me line 2
    Client: Here is line 2 .... line 2's data ...

    Whoops reverse client and server names.

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