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    Hey guys. First of all i wish you all a great 2012. Keep up the good work.

    I'm developing a game both with sockets and RMI. The sockets part is done now i'm starting the RMI part. I want to be able to invite someone to play (A->B) and get the response(B->A).

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance. Cheers

    EDIT :
    I've been researching and i'm currently implementing the client as a remote object as well (defining the interface and implementing it). I think it's called callback. Am I on the right path?

    What i'm thinking is A calls a method on a remote object on B's computer. The server on B asks the client (which is also a server in the same computer) if it wants to play with A gets the response and returns it to A. Like i said i just finished implementing this game with tcp and udp sockets and now i have to do the same with RMI. There is no way for two clients to communicate directly, like they do over a TCP connection, using RMI, is there?
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