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    Default java wifi/android powered RC car

    so i've gotten my hands on an IOIO board for android and i really wanted to do something fun with it. i have an old RC car that i wanted to use it with so i hooked it up to the servos on that and i got my android to communicate to the car quite well. so at this stage in the project, i have an android phone mounted onto an RC car, and the phone is able to tell the car how fast to move, how much to turn and all that stuff, it's very cool so far.
    the next step in the project is to make a desktop application from which you can control the car. i want to be able to see the video coming from the android device and be able to steer the car from my keyboard. now, this is something that is almost entirely networking and i've never done java networking so i don't know quite where to start.

    basically i'm just wondering, what API's should i learn? and what parts of those API's in particular because i don't want to learn 10,000 things when i only need to learn 2 (made up number). what are some of your suggestions on how i do this? i was thinking that i could use a UDP type connection since speed is more important than reliability in this case but as i said, i've never really done this before so i don't know where i should get started.

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    Default Re: java wifi/android powered RC car

    xlpr50: your post has nothing to do with Java or Android and in fact smells of spam. Deleting.
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