I have a project which involves creating a primitive messenger. I have to make only 2 computers communicate with each other and they have to be able to send text and watch a video. I managed to do the text part(they can send and receive text), but I don't know where to start with the video part.

The program should do something like this:
Computer A has the video "Christmas.avi"(just an example). Computer A then sends Computer B a request to watch the Christmas video. After B accepts, the video will start playing for both A and B at the same time (the teacher will accept a few frames delay between them).

I have read about JMF, RTP, but not thoroughly, as they are quite complex.

Is JMF enough to do this because it seems simpler and I have found more tutorials and info about it, or do I have to use RTP or UDP or some other things to be able to do what the program requires.
I will provide more info if needed.