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    Default Regarding the conversion of local machine path to UNC path

    I am developing a program which reads some excel file from a remote computer and stores the path in UNC format. That is <machine name>\<shared folder name or say file path starting from shared folder>\<file name>.
    I am storing the path in as local machine format right now. like wise c:\some_folder1\shared_folder\some_folder3\file.xl s. But I need to store it as comp_name\shared_folder\some_folder3\file.xls. I know how to get all other, but How would i get to know the shared folder name and change my path acc. to my requirement. Yes this to note that I also retrived the name of all the shared folder through net share, but is not able to extract the name of local shared folder name. Can any one help me out in this???

    String line = null;
    String[] commands = new String[] { "cmd", "/C", "net share" };
    Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(commands);
    InputStream ins = child.getInputStream();
    BufferedReader buffReader = new BufferedReader(
    new InputStreamReader(ins));

    while (!(line = buffReader.readLine()).trim().equals(
    "The command completed successfully.")) {


    I got the code till this much. Can anyone tell me how would i extract of my shared folder name from the list

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    Default Re: Regarding the conversion of local machine path to UNC path

    Where is the name available using OS commands? Is there a native program that will display the value you want? Can you ask that native program to write the values to the console where you could pipe it into a console input file.

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