I've got an odd problem. I have to adapt a program to work with IPV6. The code below exemplifies my problem:

Java Code:
public static void main(String[] args) {

     try {
    	String serverHostname = new String ("fd22::1");
    	Inet6Address inetd6 = (Inet6Address)InetAddress.getByName(serverHostname);
    	Inet6Address inet6 = (Inet6Address)InetAddress.getByName(new String("fd22::3"));
    	DatagramSocket clientSocket = new DatagramSocket(5080, inet6);
    	byte[] msg = new byte[1025];
    	DatagramPacket dp = new DatagramPacket(msg,msg.length,inetd6,7000);

    } catch ( IOException ex ) {

When I send messages with more than 1024 bytes to a machine that does not exist in my network ( fd22::1 is not valid ). I get the following output:
Java Code:
java.net.SocketException: Interrupted function call: Datagram send failed
        at java.net.PlainDatagramSocketImpl.send(Native Method)
        at java.net.DatagramSocket.send(Unknown Source)
        at Main.main(Main.java:23)
I don't think this code is supposed to throw a SocketException. When I send a datagram to an invalid IPV4 address, it's not a problem. UDP is connectionless, so I can't figure out the problem here.