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    Default connect to http URL and abstract method

    Hallo everybody ;)

    My first question is not about something that is not working but more something that I don't fully understand. Here is the code of what I'm doing:

    Java Code:
    void getData(String address) throws MalformedURLException {
    		URL page = new URL("address");			// Create a URL attached to "address" (ftp, http, ssl ) 
    		StringBuffer text = new StringBuffer();
    		try {
    			URLConnection conn;					// Create a generic variable referencing a URLConnection
    			conn = page.openConnection();		// Assign to the conn variable the URLConnection object associated with the URL specified before
    			conn = (HttpURLConnection) conn;	// Cast the generic URLConnection in a HttpURLConnection
    			conn.connect(); // ?? From which class does this method's implementation come from?
    			// rest of the code.....
    		} catch (IOException e) {
    			System.out.println("Error - " + e.toString());
    I checked the documentation and the classes I'm using are:
    URL - public class
    URLConnection - public abstract class
    HttpURLConnection - public abstract class

    the method
    Java Code:
    that I'm calling on the conn object it is inherited by HttpURLConnection from the URLConnection class, but there the method is also abstract:
    Java Code:
    public abstract void connect()
                          throws IOException
    I was wondering which class is providing the implementation of this method in this case.
    Thanks ;-)

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    Default Re: connect to http URL and abstract method

    Java Code:
    conn = (HttpURLConnection) conn;
    That cast is completely pointless. You're not changing anything about conn, if that's what you think you;re doing. It's still a URLConnection.

    As for what class comes back from openConnection(), it's whatever class the URL class used considers suitable (depending I think on the actual URL used). You don't actually have to know what it is, other than it is a URLConnection of some sort. Though, in your case, you can presume it is an HttpURLConnection of some sort...if you need access to the extra bits that provides.

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