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    Question Interfacing without an API

    Greetings Java Forums,
    This is my first post ever :)

    I just recently got into networking with Java, wrote my own IRC bot etc.

    and i was just wondering, There is a multiplayer game called TeeWorlds.
    Its a very simple side scrolling game with no account authentication or anything complicated.

    I would like to know how i would go about writing something in java that connect to a TeeWorlds server. then do something simple like send a chat message.

    Iv searched for the TeeWorlds API but there is nothing.
    and this does not necessarily have to be TeeWorlds.

    My main question is how would i learn to interface with online servicing if there is not documentation on how to do so?
    Is it possible to use something like WireShark to see how they communicate?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Interfacing without an API

    Yeah... if the API is undocumented, you'll have to use a proxy or sniffer to work it out yourself.
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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