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    Default SocketClient is reading line with an end of line byte in it?

    Hello, so far my application has worked perfectly. The server sending a line that is terminated by the '\n' character. The client then read's the line stopping at the '\n' character. Now my issue is that I am sending an image over the connection. At index 43 of the image's byte array there is a "10" which converted to ASCII is the '\n' character. So how can I send the '\n' that is inside the array without having it trigger the end of line?


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    That's a problem with using a binary value as the end of record marker. Image files can have any of the 256 possible values for its bytes. You need to come up with a different protocol.
    For example send a lead byte in each transmission that says what type of data follows.
    For text the data would be terminated by a '\n' character
    For binary, the data would be preceded by a length field specifying the number of bytes that follow.

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