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    Default TCP/IP client not working properly

    Hi! I have written code for a TCP/ip client that is supposed to connect to a server and receive some data. This works successfully when I connect to a TCP server in Java, but when I try to connect to a TCP server that consists of an embedded system I get the following message:

    " invalid stream header: 30313233"

    30 31 32 33 is the hexadecimal representation of the data that the server sends to connecting clients, so something is working, but why do I get this Exception?

    the code for the client is here:
    Java Code:
    public class TCPClientD {
        private String serverIP;
        private int serverPort;
        String fail;
        public TCPClientD(String serverIP, int serverPort) {
            this.serverIP = serverIP;
            this.serverPort = serverPort;
            Thread thread = new Thread(new ConnectAndListenToServer());
        private class ConnectAndListenToServer implements Runnable {
            public void run() {
                try {
                    Socket socket = new Socket(
                    ObjectInputStream input = new ObjectInputStream(
                    String message;
                    while (true) {
                        message = input.readUTF();
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    fail = e.getMessage();
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            new TCPClientD("", 5555);
    Thankful for answers! / Christian

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    This is sort of a guess, but I may have run into the opposite problem recently. I was screwing around with my own InputStream extension (connected to a Java server) and I was getting some gibberish before my data. I soon discovered that the gibberish was actually the Byte Order Mark.

    Perhaps your InputStream is expecting a BOM before the data, and throwing an exception because it's not seeing one.
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    I googled the message and found a thread describing the same problem, turns out the solution is to use the DataInputStream instead of ObjectInputStream.. Thanks for the reply!

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