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    Default Identify Client in Socket Client Server Application

    Hi All, I am new in Java. So please help me to this thing.

    I created client server application with socket. After the server running then I create several client and connecting to the server. the problem is how to identify which client among the others? For example if I need to transfer an image to a specific client which identity i have to used?

    Can I used a socket thread to identify ?

    I can not use IP Address of client because an IP (client machine) could run more than one client application.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hmm, that's a hard one ...

    if you have to run more than one client apps on the same physical machine, you have to provide a "manager" who knows which client has to receive the image. imagine to create a manager-class like a proxy-server. send the image-request to the manager, the manager itself deals with the server-application and passes the image back to the appropriate client-application.

    from the network sight, all client-application have the same ip-address. so you have to do the rest on the client machine, i think.

    hope i could help you ...


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