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    Unhappy Multicast receive not happening in multiple interface or multi NIC

    Hi All,
    I have a machine with two NICs. One is present in a subnet (eth0), and the other NIC is exposed to a private network(eth1). The default interface is eth0. Now, if I send a multicast request through some protocol say, SLP, the multicast socket.receive method is not accepting any datagram packet through the non-deault interface. I tried setting the network interface and interface explicitly. but this is not helping. The receive method is blocked and not receiving any datagrams. Help would be appreciated to receive the datagrams in the non-default interface.

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    If you are trying it through Java's core networking packages then, it may not be possible. When I had a requirement to do some handling over the packets ( which is eventually not possible with Java ) I came across third-party libraries called Jpcap. They help in monitoring packet flow, capturing them, managing NIC's etc. You can try them at Jpcap - a Java library for capturing and sending network packets

    These libraries help you in listing out the NIC's and selecting one in order to use it.
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