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    Default Problem reciving UDP Packets on Linux

    Hello i made a simple code to test a program that i was doing.

    The code is here:

    Java Code:
    . . .
    public static final byte precond[] = {(byte) 0xFF, (byte) 0xFF, (byte) 0xFF, (byte) 0xFF};
    public static final byte aftercond[] = {(byte) 0x0a,(byte) 0x00};
    String msg = new String(precond) + "challenge rcon" + new String(aftercond);
          String aux = "";
          DatagramSocket sc2 = new DatagramSocket(27020);
          DatagramPacket pkt = new DatagramPacket(msg.getBytes(),msg.length(),InetAddress.getByName(""),27050);
          DatagramPacket pkt2 = new DatagramPacket(new byte[1024],1024);
          String recived = new String(pkt2.getData(),0,pkt2.getLength());
          aux = recived.split(" ")[2].trim();
          System.out.println("RECIVED - " + aux);
    . . .
    Well this is a simple code the only think it does it's to send a udp packet to a server and server will respond.

    The problem it's, this work's on Windows but it DON'T work on ubuntu(server/desktop edition, iam not saying in linux, because i haven't tried in another destro).

    I already checked IPtables everything related with router but i can't solve this, the code run until 1st System.out then it block's waiting for the response, but the response on ubuntu never arrived :S

    Can some one help please?
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    Hi. seem to be i have a same problem like yours.. but until now i still figure it out how to managed this.. does anyone have a solution for this.?

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    Have you tried sleeping*?

    Also have you tried loopback address ( instead of your IP?

    How is it going with TCP?

    *That is insert short [c:a 100 ms at most] sleeps between statements.
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