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    Default Server socket - send image to client


    Im new to JAVA so go easy on em please.

    I have a server and a client that can successfully connect to each other and other stuff but 1 function of the server is to send an image to the client. I can send the image but i was wondering how i would obtain certain information about the transfer. How would i obtain information such as:

    Time taken to transfer image
    average bit rate

    // Server code
    FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("images\\picture.jpg");
    byte[] buffer = new byte[fis.available()];;
    ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(serverSocket.getOutputStream()) ;

    // Client code
    ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(clientSocket.getInputStream());
    byte[] buffer = (byte[])ois.readObject();
    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("downloaded\\picture.jpg");

    if you need anything else explain or more info please let me know.

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    Default Time

    ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(clientSocket.getInputStream());
    long start = System.currentTimeMillis(); // start Time in milisecons
    byte[] buffer = (byte[])ois.readObject();
    long time = System.currentTimeMillis()-start;//duration of the download
    //now can you divide the duration of the transfer throu the size of the //picture to get the average bitrate
    //to get the size of the File you can use java's RandomAccessFile class //and its method length()
    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("downloaded\\picture.jpg");

    Maybe it is better to use a DataInputStream and the DataOutputStream to get a faster transmission
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    Assuming all systems use NTP, you can use "System.getCurrentTimeMillis()" (or the newer ns call) on the server side, package that information into a message header, then do the same on the client side, take the difference, and that's you're transfer time.

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