Hi All,

I have been stuck with one problem for more than a week.

My requirement is to get the content of the URL. The URL needs login credentials.I can pass the login credentials to the URL and i can get the content of the home page but one problem is if i pass anyother URL with in that particular website the session is not getting maintained and I am getting the "No cookie found" page or "you are not logged in".

what i am trying to do is going to the homepage and maintaining the session and if i pass another URL then it will be redirected to that page.

i have tried that first using one URL class and passing the username and password for the homepage and then keep logged in and using another instance of URL class and getting the content of that particular URL.But i cannot maintain the session and i am getting the same No cookie found or user not logged in page.

Pls advice me on this issue.

Thanks in advance/