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    Unhappy Sending files over network

    Hello. I have made a simple server in java that sends requested files to clients via http://<ip>/<filename>. It creates a new thread for each client. The problem is the speed is limited to 100kBps per thread. I searched a little bit and I think I know the problem:

    Java Code:
    FileInputStream input = null;  
    DataOutputStream output = null;
    output = new DataOutputStream(client.getOutputStream()); //client = Socket
    input = new FileInputStream(requestedFile);
    int read;
            try {
                for(;;) {
                    read =;
                    if (read==-1) {
    I think the problem is because I write byte by byte and that is slow, I think I should use BufferedReader and Writer. And heres the problem: I dont know how to add those two. I tried a few things but I cant make it work. FileWriter just cant use client.getOutputStream() as parameter. Please, some help here. thanks.
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