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    Default How to establish a Client/Server permission?

    We are developing a small Client Server project using JFrames and MS Access. We pass queries to our Database using Statement and use ResultSet to show the result.

    Here are my questions.

    1. How does it work? Like...We have our Frames which show Databases results. Now they gotta get permission to show this info from the Server and I suppose also the Database itself from Server?

    2. If YES. How do we implement it this way? What methods have we gotta use to get this "permission" and send the Statement queries to the Server side program.

    3. I am assuming we will need our Server side program and Client Side. Server will only contain forms which will grant permission... Process the passed queries and send the ResultSet. What are the ways to do this?

    We tired ServerSocket and Socket. But dont know what methods to use to get permissions and the results. Or...even to request permission and pass queries to the server.


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    We are assuming we will need to use Sockets.

    Using Input and Output Stream...Perhaps we can send the Statements (queries) and receive result sets. Is this the most efficient way?

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