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    Default Multi client server guidance

    Hi guys,
    I've started developing an on-line poker application as my final project at uni and I need some basic guidance as I can't get my head around some stuff :) I have some ideas, but i'm not sure how good they are and would appreciate ANY feedback
    How would you go about the client-server communication?

    I'll created a separate thread for each client that is connected to the server, but what happens when the clients try to connect to the same table ??
    This will start a separate thread on each client but what about the server? How do i get each client to see whta the other are doing?

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    There are many ways to go about this. Since a Table object is only shared by a few Client's, I suggest having a Table manager class, let's call it TableManager. When the Client wants to connect to a table, it asks the TableManager for that Table using ID's. Then just store that Table object in the Client object.

    Java Code:
    Table table = manager.getTable(1234);

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