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    Default How to keep trying to other machine with exceptional handling


    I am trying to connect to machine in client-server model such that client should keep trying sending request to server until it gets a response from server and not just throw an exception, how can I handle that. Here the thing is that machine P0 may not be put when P1 is trying but will be run in few sec, so I need to keep trying that.

    Here's what I am doing

    Java Code:
    while(P1Ack != 1)
    public void P1connectsP0()
    	{[0] = "init";[1] = pid;
    			clientSock = new Socket(lamport.P0Ip, lamport.P0Port);
    			lamport.log( +" ("+lamport.myIp+") "+ " is connecting to P0 ("+ lamport.P0Ip + ")" );
    			clientWriter = new ObjectOutputStream(clientSock.getOutputStream());
    			clientReader = new ObjectInputStream(clientSock.getInputStream());
    		catch(IOException ex)
    			System.out.println("Error : P1 unable to talk to P0");
    Where P1 wants to keep trying to contact with P0. But it just keeps looping by throwing exceptions
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