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    Default Exception Handling for failed connection

    Hello again, i have this code working fine.
    Java Code:
    sR = (HttpsURLConnection)daLogin.openConnection();          
                "Passport1.4 OrgVerb=GET,OrgURL=http%3A%2F    %2Fmessenger%2Emsn%2Ecom,sign-in=" +
                uN.replaceAll("@", "%40") + ",pwd=" + pW+ "," + cS);
    The only problem is the exception handling, this connects to the msn server. If the username(uN) or password(pW) are incorrect, i want it to throw some form of exception so that the next few lines or code are not executed. I am unsure of such an exception though? I can use getResponseCode() to see whether its 200(authorized) 401(unauthorized) but even if it returns 401 it doesnt throw any error. I tried HTTPException and it didnt work..


    So far im using
    Java Code:
    int errorCode = sR.getResponseCode();
    if(errorCode == 200)
     //do stuff here
    else{}//when its 401 do nothing
    I would like to know a more efficient way though.
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