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    Default Creating a serverSocket while sonnecting to a socket on the same port

    I want to make a file transfer application for multiple clients, there will not be a server that users will connect to, the application serves as client AND server, every client will have a serversocket object listen for new connections (it will recieve a connection when someone wants to send a file to them) and I will also have a socket object that will connect to a client when I want to send a file to them.

    Is it possible to run all these connections on a single port? Or will there be a conflict?

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    Only one server can connect to a port at a given time. If the port is already in use, the server socket won't be able to bind to it. However, multi-threaded servers are able to serve multiple clients at the same time.

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    For a given IP, only one ServerSocket per port is allowed. If your host has multiple IPs associated with different network interfaces, then you can also use the same port number for those different interfaces (OS dependent). If your application is running with 1 copy per host, then you can use the same port number (assuming it's available) on all hosts since they all have different IPs.

    What you can't do is have 2 ServerSockets trying to use the same port on the same IP.

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