Hey Guys,

I've been using Java for a couple of years and have no problem web crawling common HTML pages but quite recently, I stumbled upon a website that seems impossible to crawl...here's the link:

Real-time Predictions Demo

My final aim is to make a program that captures the table at the bottom of the screen when the 'Predict' button is clicked.

No matter what I do, I just can't figure out how that data selected in the drop down box is communicated back to the server. I tried using both the GET and POST commands, but no results!

It's an ASPX page so I guess it doesn't use GET or POST (I've got no clue how ASP .NET works and I'm just assuming)

Furthermore, I used that handy little tool in Firefox called 'Tamper Data', it allows you to see all communications from the client side to the server, I tried to identify any sort of command that would relay the selected stock symbol back to the server. But to no avail!

I'm really desperate, will someone please help me?

Thanks in advance,
Devasia Manuel