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    Default How to fetch java function from the internet

    Hi i am working on a program.

    I do not want some portions of the source code visible (in case there are people that decompile it)

    So is there anyway that i could fetch methods from a java program that i, say, have hosted on my website?


    Java Code:
    function dothis() {
          system.out.println("The function below is being called and the source for that function cannot be viewed in this file")
          external dothat()
    so basically dothat is a function in my other file being called to execute in the current file

    so basically i dont want dothat()'s source code shown, but i want it to execute

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    Obfuscation is fairly effective, and much more simple to do. You could always download, say a executable JAR, and then run it. Or upload to a server program, do whatever, and send it back via networking (e.g sockets).

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