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    Default socket Multithreading - & - Obtaining the IP of a client!

    hey everybody, hope u r all having a gr8 time!
    i have 2 questions:
    1st i have a socket lets a call it x that runs on a pc that acts as a server, when multiple clients try to connect and send data to this socket will there be a problem ( will the java code multithread automatically and manage) or should i implement my multithreading.

    2nd when one of the users sends an input stream to the server ... is there a method so as i can obtain the IP address of this user ?

    i would really appreciate your help guys !

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    1. Check this tutorial. It is very clear and has simple examples. For handling multiple clients you will need to modify single client code a little bit. The basic idea is handling each connected client with a separate thread but you define what you will do in that thread..

    2. Yes you can obtain IP/hostname. Check javadoc of ServerSocket class. Details are there.

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