I developped a swing application which I need to install soon. It's the first time I install an application on my own, so any help would be welcome.
I use maven for build, hibernate for the database access.

Is there anything I need to take into consideration about the following things (are there good sites for reference?):
- the build process
- I use an external database (mysql), the configuration files are part of the program (they are not put somewhere external) --> any advice on good practices?
- if the database is put on a server, as well as the jar file of the program, will there be any problem when trying to open the program from another computer, having access to the server?
- if the database is put on a server, and the jar file of the program on a computer having access to the server (for the database), beside the normal hibernate configuration for the database (ip adres, port, ...), are there important things that might cause problems for the communication between the program and the database? I know there can be issues about firewalls, routers, but beside those, is there anything else I need to take into consideration?

thanks for any advice