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    Default Unable to connect to ftp server java

    Hi Everyone

    Please help me guys.
    I should be able to successfully send and receive file to/from FTP server.

    But then, no changes occurred in the code and I started getting this :

    Error: Connection timed out: connect

    What I am doing is:

    FTPClient ftp = new FTPClient();

    ftp.connect( IPADDRESS of FTP server);

    connect() is giving this execption. I am not understanding the cause for it.

    Early reply is priceless

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    the end point address is changed, it was a dynamic ip and the lease expired and it renewed to something else?

    the remote system no longer accepts input for ftp service, they are down, or are filtering you.

    your isp is now filtering ftp traffic.

    try to use some other ftp client to see if this can connect to this remote server (e.g. that is different from your java application).

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