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    Default How to brodcast a message in the LAN

    I want to broadcast a message to LAN. Is this possible with Java?

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    You can do this with DatagramSocket.

    You can use the socket like this:

    Java Code:
    public class MainClass {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
          String data = "data in UDP";
          byte [] buffer = data.getBytes();
          DatagramPacket packet = new DatagramPacket(buffer, buffer.length,
                    new InetSocketAddress("localhost", 5002));
          DatagramSocket socket = new DatagramSocket(5003);
          System.out.println("Sending a packet...");
        }catch(IOException e)
    And for broadcasting your message, you should enable SO_BROADCAST using setBroadcast(boolean on) method.
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