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    Default Multiple Sockets on a single Port

    Hello all, can more than a single socket be attached to a single port.(I tried this out, and ServerSocket returned a socket on the same port for each new client ) If yes, how will the server differentiate the streams of data from different clients, coming to the same port.

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    I'd never worried about that. It seems to work.
    Every new client connecting to the ServerSocket gets a new Socket via the accept method for the server to work with. There can be > 1 client connected at the same time.
    how will the server differentiate the streams of data from different clients
    By using the streams given by the Socket returned by accept.

    Are you having problems?

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    Yes, you can have multiple sockets in a single port. It could be done in several ports.

    One possible way is keep one port for listening. Then upon request of a client, open another port unique for that connection, and free the previous port.

    Anyway, as Norm says, what's your real problem. If you can specific then we can comment more clearly on it.

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