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    Default how to store image data recive form server??

    Hi All
    actually, i receive the image data in the hex format from the server
    than hex data store in the String like this

    String s = StringTools.toStringValue(packet,0,packetLen).trim ();
    problem is-
    how to store the String in the the blob filed in the database and again how to make image from hex data
    pls help me ??


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    Just a comment about the code shown.
    Are you sure you want to trim it? The characters at the end of an image are part of an image .

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    Do not store it as a String.
    It is binary is not a String.
    Turning it into a String means you'll never successfully read it back out.

    Do you have an InputStream coming in from the server? If so then simply use that stream with the setBinaryStream() method on a PreparedStatement.

    If you don't know what any of that means then you need to go through a tutorial.

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